CNN host, Zain Asher, who got married to Steve Peoples last September, has revealed she is expecting a baby boy. 
She made this known by sharing a photo of his just completed room and revealed that he will be here soon.

A landlord has been arraigned after making close to 183 videos featuring how his tenants had sex. The unsuspecting tenants discovered that the man who rented the house to them had installed cameras in their bedrooms and bathrooms and made sex videos from their intimate activities.  

The 59 year old landlord, Paul Dunster confeesed to authorities after an official complaint was made against him saying he installed the secret cameras mainly to watch people showering and having sex.  

He was caught with 183 videos of naked women made over a 10-year period. As reported by Metro UK, “It is sad story and one which is disgusting,” the judge told him during sentencing.    

The court heard he did it to “satisfy his sexual needs.” Dunster initially denied two charges of voyeurism, but later admitted making the secret videos. Police raided former security worker Dunster’s home in Portsmouth and found two memory cards containing the voyeuristic videos. Prosecutor David Reid told Portsmouth Crown Court: “The first memory card had 18 videos which showed sexual encounters between men and women in the bedroom.  

“Those videos lasted a total of 20 minutes, but none of the tenants were aware of the camera. The second memory card was taken from the bathroom and showed women having baths and showers women who were also totally unaware they were filmed. There was significant planning to this and it was an abuse of trust, as the women were tenants".   

Sentencing Dunster, Judge David Melville QC said: “The residents would have been disgusted to know you had a camera set up in the bedroom to film people having sex. I’m sure people would also have been disgusted to know you set up a camera in the bathroom to satisfy your sexual needs. It is sad story and one which is disgusting.”  Dunster was ordered to pay a £5,000 fine plus £500 in costs, and was given 100 hours of unpaid work with 20 rehabilitation days.
According to a report from Showbiz 411, the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin is currently 'gravely ill' and  surrounded by her family in Detroit
Friends and family are asking for prayers and privacy for the singing legend.

Franklin, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2010, turned 76 in March. Her last performance was on November 2, 2017 for the Elton John AID Foundation in New York and her public performance occurred at the Philadelphia’s Mann Center last August.  

She has struggled with weight issues throughout her life, battled alcoholism and was a chain smoker for a large part of it.

Rolling Stone once named Franklin the number 1 singer of all time. The American singer and songwriter began her career as a child singing gospel music at the New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, where her father was a minister. In 1960, Franklin was signed to Columbia Records where she only achieved modest success.

It wasn't until she signed with Atlantic Records in 1967 that she acheived commercial success with songs like "Respect," "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman," and "Think. By the end of the 1960s, she had become known as the "Queen of Soul." 

22.Alexandra Billings

Alexandra Billings is a singer, stage performer, and television actress. She has appeared on Grey’s Anatomy, ER, and Eli Stone, among other series. More recently, Billings had in a recurring role in Amazon’s original series Transparent. She is notable for being the first trans-gender actress to play a trans-gender character on television, in ABC’s Romy and Michelle: A New Beginning,which she did in the 2005 made-for-TV movie Romy and Michele.

21.Sharon Cohen

Sharon Cohen, who performs under the name Dana International, is an Isreali pop star, and former winner of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. She began recording and performing music during the ’90s and is currently one of the most recognizable transgender musicians worldwide.
Sharon Cohen, professionally known as Dana International, born Yaron Cohen ירון כהן is an Israeli pop singer of Yemenite Jewish ancestry. She has released eight albums and three additional compilation albums, positioning herself as one of Israel’s most successful musical acts ever. She is best known as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 in Birmingham with the song “Diva”. Assigned male at birth, Sharon discovered that she was trans-gender at an early age, and came out as a trans woman when she was 13. She underwent sex reassignment surgery in 1993 and in that year released her first album, Danna International, upon which she based her stage name.

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